Zip06: Helen Pedersen Keiser: Keeping the Spirit of Her Hero Son Alive

If ever there was an article to read about Andrew Pedersen-Keel, this one is it… from Zip06, Helen Pedersen Keiser: Keeping the Spirit of Her Hero Son Alive.

So very well written by Tom Conroy, Special Publications Editor at, this piece covers it all. From Andrew’s birth in Florida, through his schooling and on to his military career, Helen – and Bob, as well – give us insight into the boy, PK; the student, Andrew; and military man, Captain Andrew Pedersen-Keel, Special Forces. We also learn how the APK 5K and the APK 5K Ruck March came to be. Don’t miss it. It’s a quick read and an important read. Those of you who run and march in his memory might like to learn more about this extraordinary young man… this hero. Thank you for running. Thank you for raising funds for such important causes. Thank you for helping Helen and Bob to keep Andrew’s spirit alive. Thank you for caring enough to read this piece. And thank you, Tom Conroy, for your sensitive and beautiful article.

APK Charities is a non-profit organization raising funds for Special Forces Charitable Trust, APK Direct Assistance Program, APK Endowment Fund with the Madison & Guilford Foundations, Spikes K9 Fund in loving memory of Captain Andrew Pedersen-Keel, Special Forces.

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