Who APK Charities Supports

In 2020, all proceeds of our important APK Charities event – the APK 5K – will benefit the APK Charities Direct Assistance Program, an APK Charities Endowment Fund with the Madison and Guilford Foundations, Spike’s K9 Fund, and the Special Forces Charitable Trust. These charities provide much needed and effective recognition and support for fallen soldiers’ families and wounded soldiers and their families, just as they have done for the family of Capt. Pedersen-Keel and his detachment teammates who were wounded.

APK Direct Assistance Program

The APK Direct Assistance Program (DAP) is designed to provide direct financial and other support services to service members and their families who are in need of emergency or hardship assistance.

Who’s eligible?

  • Connecticut Veterans, active duty members and their families of all branches of the US armed forces
  • Veterans and Veterans families qualifying as low or moderate incomes and with a demonstrable hardship or need.

What kind of support do we provide?

APK Charities provides temporary financial assistance to those low and/or moderate-income individuals or families (and others with varying income levels on a case-by-case basis) requiring emergency relief, medical emergency support or hardship assistance.

Examples support include but are not limited to:

  • Medical Support (e.g. treatment costs, rehabilitation support, short term counseling, medical equipment, medical supplies, prescription drug)
  • Housing Assistance (e.g. mortgage, rent, security deposits, heat, utilities)
  • Transportation Assistance (e.g. auto repair, fuel costs, auto insurance, public transportation costs)
  • Individual and Family Support (e.g. home care, day care, job search costs, training)
  • Service/Emotional Support Animals (costs associated with medically prescribed service animals including but not limited to: licensing and mandatory vaccinations. Routine veterinary care will not be covered.)

Financial support characteristics

In each case there will be an objective assessment of the need

  • Assistance provided will be one time only within a two-year period
  • Grant amount is up to $5000 per household
  • Evaluation must conclude that the support provided will alleviate the problem and result in a stable/sustainable outcome
An APK Charities Endowment Fund with the Madison and Guilford Foundations, recipient of funds raised by APK Charities, in loving memory of Andrew Pedersen-Keel

An APK Charities Endowment Fund with the Madison and Guilford Foundations

Each endowment fund supports initiatives, projects and nonprofit organizations that serve to improve the quality of life in Madison and Guilford, among other places, with a particular focus on veterans and active duty military and/or their families and military related charities and projects.

Spike's K9 Fund, recipient of funds raised by APK Charities, in loving memory of Andrew Pedersen-Keel

Spike’s K9 Fund

Spike’s K9 Fund is a national known 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is oriented around the care and preservation of working canines. Spike’s K9 Fund was founded by James Hatch, a retired Special Warfare Operator who’s life was saved by these special canines, one of which was Spike. Spike’s K9 Fund aspires to ensure every K9 receives exactly what they need every time by purchasing gear to keep them safer and for peak operation, paying for critical medical treatment to help them return to workor live their retirement days in complete health.

Special Forces Charitable Trust, recipient of funds raised by APK Charities, in loving memory of Andrew Pedersen-Keel

Special Forces Charitable Trust

The Special Forces Charitable Trust honors and supports the active-duty and veteran Green Berets nationwide. It is the primary resource center for Education and Motivation, Family and Command Support and Veterans, Heritage and Advocacy program support. The trust helps the greater SF community and their families navigate through life stage transitions and life issues while preserving and promoting the history and heritage of the Green Berets. It's an advocate for those issues most important and relevant to US Army Special Forces. The SFCT provides timely and consistent support and services to the Special Forces Association's 9,500 members, the SF National Guard units, active-duty and veteran Green Berets and their families. Our services are provided for a total military population of 15,500 plus soldiers and also to total family members estimate at 9,376 dependent adults and 14,261 dependent children. The funds provided to the SFCT by APK Charities Corporation are restricted for use at the 3rd Special Forces Group as Capt. Andrew Pedersen-Keel was a member of this group.

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