APK Charities Board of Directors

The APK Charities Board of Directors is as follows:


Helen M. Pedersen-Keiser
Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer

Robert W. Keiser
President and Chief Operating Officer

Kevin M. Dowd


Valerie Campanelli

CPT Jamie Cuticello, CTARNG

Renee DiNino

MAJ Corey Holmes, CTARNG

David W. Keiser

Eric Lemieux

Andrew Montgomery

James W. Pedersen

Jeri Perkins

Jane Rapport

Anthony Sicignano

LTC Mark Tallo, CTARNG


Rev. Stephen M. Sledesky

About APK Charities

We seek to raise awareness and support for our active, retired, wounded and fallen warriors and their families and to provide financial aid and material assistance to charitable organizations and causes.

APK Charities' mission is to serve as a bridge connecting our society and our Armed Forces, opening our hearts and minds to serve those who protect us.

Learn more about our organization.

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