The Hubert Brothers March the Bataan Memorial Death March to Raise Funds for APK

Three brothers…Matt, Rob, and Jake Hubert have formed three wonderful teams, with five participants in each team…to march in this year’s Bataan Memorial Death March at the White Sands Missile Range in White Sands, New Mexico. While marching, they’ll simultaneously be raising donations to benefit APK Charities. You can donate to their fundraiser here.

When asked what inspired them, these are two of their replies:

Inspiration Behind Doing the Bataan Memorial Death March

My daughter Ashley is the inspiration behind my desire to participate in the Bataan Memorial Death March (BMDM) in 2023.  Ashley is a highly motivated plebe at the USMA at West Point.  Watching her finish the 14-mile march back at the culmination of plebe basic training, aka “Beast,” last summer, with a large ruck on her back created a spark in me.  Ashley then competed in the fall inter-company Sandhurst competition at USMA with her E-1 company team.  Among many different physical challenges, there was of course, in true Army fashion, a lot of ruck marching.  Watching Ashley and her team compete fanned that spark into a flame, and I felt the tug to once again lace up my boots, strap a ruck on my back, and test myself.  I had heard about the BMDM from a fellow Army veteran who completed the event years ago and knew this was what I was going to do!

Reason for Choosing APK Charities

The reason I chose to support APK Charities during the BMDM is largely because of the young man, Andrew Pederson-Keel, for whom the charity was created.  What an inspiring, awesome human being.   I first learned about APK Charities last October when Bob Keiser spoke of the charity and his son Andrew at a Football Game and Tailgate event sponsored by The West Point Society of CT and in collaboration with the West Point Parents Club of CT.  Hearing Bob speak of Andrew and the wonderful direct assistance that APK Charities provides to active-duty military and veterans in need was very moving.  It was a timely occurrence because our BMDM team had just discussed the idea of supporting a veteran’s charity the week prior.  After learning more about APK Charities on their website and a brief chat with Bob Keiser about our idea, we were both all in.  If not for anything else, it’s been great getting to know Bob and learning more about his charities’ namesake while collaborating on this partnership.  What awesome patriots! 

APK Charities is a non-profit organization raising funds for the APK Direct Assistance Program and APK Endowment Fund in loving memory of Captain Andrew Pedersen-Keel, Special Forces.

Learn more about our organization.

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