We mourn the passing of the men of ODA 3126

Our hearts are broken. The brave men of ODA 3126 are America’s finest citizens and soldiers. Andrew was a proud member of this team until 11 March 2013. The men pictured here attended our 4th annual APK Event in 2017. We loved these soldiers as if they were our own sons.

The team deployed to Afghanistan in September 2018.

They gave their lives on Tuesday, November 27, 2018.

Please join us in praying for CPT Andrew (Drew) Ross (3rd from the left), and SFC Eric Emond (2nd from the left), and SSgt Dylan Elchin, Air Combat Controller (not pictured). These brave heroes leave behind families and friends, who must now mourn this sacred loss. Please pray for every grace that will comfort these families and loved ones who will need to go on, move forward, and learn to live without their loved one.

Helen and I and APK Charities pledge to be a source of support for their families and the team. Please consider making a donation in loving memory of Captain Andrew Patrick Ross below. De Oppresso Liber! And may God have mercy on us all.

We are absolutely heartbroken.

— Helen and Bob
APK Charities
Never Falter Never Quit

APK Charities is a non-profit organization raising funds for the APK Direct Assistance Program and APK Endowment Fund in loving memory of Captain Andrew Pedersen-Keel, Special Forces.

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