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The Ruck 2 Remember begins where Andrew went to school, first dreaming of a career in the military, at Avon Old Farms School in Avon, CT. We then march to the United States Military Academy in West Point, NY and the 911 Memorial, culminating in Arlington National Cemetery where CPT Andrew Pedersen-Keel is laid to rest. It honors, while building awareness of, APK Charities and 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group (Airborne) SFG Fallen Heroes.

Join hundreds of active and retired military from all around the world to don a "ruck­sack" - a military backpack - for a 7-day march, starting on Tuesday, June 1, and ending on Tuesday, June 8. Started by Will Reese, Operations Officer at USASOC, Fort Bragg, the Ruck 2 Remember (R2R) is a 380-mile trek from Avon, Connecticut to the National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, to raise awareness and funds for APK Charities.

If you’re not local to the East Coast, no worries. You can march wherever and whenever you want in our Ruck 2 Remember Anywhere. California? March along Scenic Highway 1. Ireland? March part of the Ring of Kerry. In other words, make your own ruck march…wherever you are all over the world!

Monies raised support APK's Direct Assistance Program, as well as other worthy causes. The community is invited to support the R2R mission by virtually rucking 38 miles (the average miles walked per day) at a cost of $50 per person. Those participating can "ruck" at their convenience. But rucking 38 miles in a day is not a hard and fast rule. Ruck however many miles you can, wherever you can. We thank you for your support.

APK | R2R Scheme of Maneuver

Download our R2R Race Rules, our Press Release, and our Powerpoint Presentation below.

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  • R2R CT to VA - OR - R2R Anywhere

    Which ruck march will march in?…the R2R taking place from Avon, CT to Arlington, VA? or the R2R Anywhere?
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    For those of you taking part in the march from Avon, CT to Arlington, VA, please let us know your start point and end point.
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